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XenServer "This file could not be imported"

If you are trying to import a virtual appliance into an older version of XenServer you may receive the following error: "Preparing to Import VM This file could not be imported Check your settings and try again." This can be the case of a corrupted XVA file, or this may be a case of not being able to understand how new XVA's are packaged.  When I saw this error for the first time, the later was the issue for me. In the case of the new XVA packaging style, let us take a closer look.  For example, let's start with the license virtual appliance for XenServer 5.6 (Citrix_License_Server_VPX1.01.xva).  If you open this file with a utility like 7zip, you will see a folder with sub-files and a xml file.  If you open the newer license server virtual appliance with 7zip (Citrix_License_Server_VPX_v11.10.0_Build_12002.xva), you will see another xva file.  Also, you may have noticed when you downloaded Citrix_License_Server_VPX1.01, it was compressed in a zip file, but when you downloaded Citrix_License_Server_VPX_v11.10.0_Build_12002, there was no zip file, it was just a xva file. So, if you are receiving the above error and you cannot upgrade your XenServer (I started seeing the newer type xva inside a xva starting with XenServer 6.0) to be able to handle this new packaging, all you need to do is open the downloaded xva file with a file compression client like 7zip and extract the xva file found inside.  Then use the extracted xva file to import into your XenServer environment.  I looked and have not found any Citrix articles on this yet, so if anyone finds a Citrix article referencing this issue please post in the comments below.  Or, if you have found a different cause for the above error, please post in the comment section below.

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