• Chris Keim

How to Reset Citrix StoreFront So You Can Join a Server Group

Updated: Nov 2

If you have installed StoreFront as part of the Delivery Controller install on the same server, or you have removed a Store and you want to re-create a server group / store, you are not presented with the Join option.

Applicable Products

  • Citrix StoreFront 7.15


Option 1

Uninstall StoreFront on the server, then re-install. The Join option is now visible.

Option 2

  1. On the server that you do not see the join option. Open PowerShell as an Administrator.

  2. Type asnp Citrix* and press enter.

  3. Type CD %Program Files%\Citrix\Receiver StoreFront\Scripts and press enter.

  4. Type .\ImportModules.ps1 and press enter.

  5. Type Clear-DSConfiguration and press enter.

  6. Close any StoreFront consoles that may be open on the server, then open the StoreFront console again. The join option should be available.

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