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StoreFront Cannot Be Upgraded

Doing an in-place upgrade of Citrix StoreFront one weekend and was greeted with the error:

"StoreFront cannot be upgraded because the following folders are in use by another program. Close the program and try again."

Applicable Products

  • Citrix StoreFront 7 1912 CU1


  1. Take note of the folder or file that was mentioned in the error. In my case, it was c:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\StoreWeb.

  2. Using Microsofts process explorer, press Ctrl + F and enter the path in the error.

  3. Find the offending process and stop it, then try the upgrade again.

In my case it was Explorer. I ran AutoSelect from the Citrix ISO, then I ended explorer using task manager and continued with the installation. After the installation, I started Explorer again using task manager.

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